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NFT Marketing Games

Promoting NFTs has always been a major pain point for new NFT projects. It is extremely difficult to emerge from all the background noise which persists throughout social media channels such as Twitter and Discord.

When everyone has an NFT, how do you make yourself heard?

NFT marketing games are an emerging solution that helps you rise above the noise while building great emotional bonds with your fans. It's the next evolution to giving free NFT drops (aka freebies) to fans.

Let’s learn more about NFT marketing games.


NFT marketing games (sometimes called NFT promotional games) are casual games developed to promote NFT projects or collections from artists and lifestyle brands. These games function as an add-on experience to entertain fans and drive awareness of an existing metaverse.

HTML5 is the most common technology used in developing these promotional games.

Benefits of using NFT Marketing Games

Artists and brands use NFT marketing games for the following benefits.

1. Artist-Fan Connection

Consumers nowadays value digital experiences with high regard. To them, a good experience correlates positive emotional connection.

NFT marketing games fit this correlation really well.

Promotional NFT games connect artists to fans instantly. By playing the games, fans can learn more about the NFT project in a fun and engaging way. Artists can push out brand messaging to fans via new characters and gameplay that's uniquely theirs.

2. Cross-Compatibility

Promotional games, especially those built in HTML5 technology, are cross-compatible with any device or platform. A single build of a game can work on a PC or mobile device and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

NFT promoters benefit from this, by running games on standalone microsites, where they could inject the URLs into their social media feeds. This way, any visitor or viewer who taps the URLs can play the games and go to the NFT galleries or listings conveniently.

3. Availability

NFT promoters are using ready-made games from game developers to reduce costs and speed up turnaround time. Moreover, the games are also very trendy and attractive to modern consumers. Finding an audience for these games will not be an issue.

Promoters only need to select a game they need for their marketing campaign. The game developer handles the rest. And after a few weeks, their game is ready for deployment.

Promoters can also reuse their old game as-is or reskin it into a new game for their next marketing campaign. Either way, they are using the same game engine for different events, which saves a lot of time and money, while hitting their marketing goals.

1. Million Man Climb

Million Man Climb is an endless climbing game utilized as a contest for Crypto Millions, a highly successful NFT and crypto art creator. Crypto Millions built the game in HTML5 so they could embed it into their website along with other NFT promotional games.

The game is so easy to play. The player controls the Crypto Million lion mascot and climbs the building as high as possible. The lion must avoid obstacles by jumping on walls to evade them or collect gold coins for shields. The game ends when the lion hits an obstacle without any shield.

The game rewards players with free NFTs for reaching a specific score or placing on the weekly leaderboard.

Read the case study here to learn more about the NFT promotional game.

2. Gamee’s Casual Games

Gamee (GMEE), a blockchain mobile gaming app, recently launched its NFT metaverse, called the G-Bots, last January 2022. To collect a G-bot character, players must play Gamee's NFT promotional games and earn in-game tickets.

The tickets are then used to join big tournaments and lucky raffle draws, where players can win real money, as well as vouchers for GMEE tokens (Ethereum-based utility tokens).

Using the GMEE tokens, players can purchase digital packs containing a G-Bot with a random rarity. Players use their G-bot characters to join G-Bot-supported games and competitions to earn more rewards.

Vist Gamee's wiki page to learn more about their mobile gaming app and NFT projects.

Purchasing NFT Marketing Games

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