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5 Benefits of Reskinning Mobile Games

5 Benefits of Reskinning Mobile Games

Mobile game reskins have become popular in the mobile app industry. Game reskinning offers innovative yet inexpensive gaming solutions that favor both brands and consumers.

Let’s look into why mobile game reskins are so popular nowadays. Here are the 5 benefits of reskinning mobile games.

Benefit #1: Game Reskins for a competitive market

The mobile game industry is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of games made every year due to numerous competitors in the mobile game business. Because of this, some game genres stand out depending on the market trend. These can include endless runners, arcade games, puzzle games, hypercasual games, and many more.

By using game reskinning method, developers can create new games based on existing game engines that fall under the trending genres. Moreover, game reskins will have a faster development time and lower development cost since the game engines are already in good condition. In short, reskinning offers key components for a competitive edge in the mobile game industry.

Benefit #2: Creativity with reskinning mobile games

When we talk about game reskins, it’s not about mass-producing games from one concept. Rather, we start from a viable product to meet audience requirements and expectations.

By injecting brand elements into the reskinned game, it gives the brand the opportunity to emotionally connect with the consumer. The brand gets to tell a story in the form of a game while giving a bit of fun to the consumer.

Benefit #3: Mobile game reskins provide efficiency

Reskinning requires fewer resources to create games because a big part of game development is already completed. Businesses don’t need to spend as many resources to create their own game.

Ultimately, mobile game reskins shorten development time without compromising quality. The reskins come from tested and debugged games so quality is assured. There is less risk involved in creating games.

The result of having lesser risk involved and fewer resources needed is a greater return on investment (ROI). The minimum resources needed for reskinning, combined with the efficiency of games in engaging the audience, allows brands to achieve their goals and earn high returns.

Benefit #4: Reskinning improves audience engagement

Audience engagement is achieved because reskinning allows games to be more appealing to their target audience. Here are some strategies used by mobile game reskins for improved audience engagement:

  • Porting the game for other devices
  • Localizing language and content to fit market segments
  • Using new stories/themes to republish older titles
  • Incorporating games into promos and events
Benefit #5: Mobile game reskins support innovation

Using a polished game engine also lowers game development risks including costs. If there are fewer issues with game development, game developers will have more resources for exploring new ideas and tapping new markets. This reallocation of resources will give brands an opportunity to learn more about their target audience and innovate based on their goals.

Examples of Game Reskins
1. Minions Banana Frenzy

Minions Banana Frenzy used the game engine of Fruit Blade and added the fun characteristics that the Minions are known for. Instead of coconuts and peaches, the iconic Chiquita bananas were used in the game reskin because of its relevance to the Minions campaign.

2. Hyundai Beat Bozza

Hyundai Beat Bozza is a reskin of the mobile game called Penalty Kick. The game was reskinned to promote Hyundai through an improved gameplay experience. Not only were visuals improved but also more challenging levels were introduced to the game.

3. OSN On The Run

OSN On The Run is a reskin made using the game engine of Giant Hamster Run. The game was made to promote OSN’s services in a more entertaining form. It was the perfect game for telling the audience the struggles of going home early to catch their favorite TV shows.

4. Data Hop

Data Hop was a reskin of the simple yet addicting game Pet Hop. Assets were modified to make data center services more understandable to the audience. The game was featured on their website to give visitors a glimpse of what they actually do.

5. Justice League Action: Orbital Chase

Justice League Action: Orbital Chase was published to promote the animated series Justice League Action by Warner Bros. Using the game engine of Space Chasers, a rebranded game was launched in time for the series’ pilot episode. Fans that were highly anticipating the first episode had a sneak peek into the series through the game reskin.


Mobile game reskins benefit both brands and consumers. It is one of the leading ways of creating fun and exciting engagements with the audience. The interactive nature of games makes it in demand not only for the gaming industry but also for promoting brands.

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