Listed are the cream of the crop of HTML5 / JavaScript game engines - frameworks that are respected and maintained. Click "More Details" for a full description, reviews, important links, and sample games.

Name Cost Popularity Rating Tags Last Release Details
Construct 2 0.1varies 100
45 game-maker, free, 2d, 3d, webgl, sounds, collisions, physics, 1384293184Nov 12th 2013 More Details
ImpactJS $99 86
40 2d, sounds, collisions, physics, debug, map-editor, 1377666000Aug 28th 2013 More Details
EaselJS 0free (MIT) 63
45 flash-like, 2d, sounds, free, 1406260687Jul 24th 2014 More Details
pixi.js 0free (MIT) 53
50 2d, webgl, free, 1405693457Jul 18th 2014 More Details
Phaser 0free (MIT) 51
45 flash-like, 2d, sounds, collisions, physics, typescript, webgl, free, 1405684094Jul 18th 2014 More Details
GameMaker $200 50
40 game-maker, 2d, sounds, collisions, physics, debug, map-editor, 1377597600Aug 27th 2013 More Details
Three.js 0free (MIT) 50
45 3d, webgl, free, 1405547219Jul 16th 2014 More Details
PlayCanvas 0free 48
40 3d, cloud-based, free, webgl, sounds, 1375284457Jul 31st 2013 More Details
Turbulenz 0free (MIT) 47
45 2d, 3d, webgl, sounds, collisions, physics, debug, networking, 1403797431Jun 26th 2014 More Details
CAAT 0free (MIT) 45
25 2d, free, webgl, 1372766662Jul 2nd 2013 More Details
lycheeJS 0free (MIT) 41
45 2d, sounds, debug, ui, networking, 1405351130Jul 14th 2014 More Details
Cocos2d-X 0free (MIT) 39
40 ios-like, free, 2d, physics, 1404441516Jul 3rd 2014 More Details
melonJS 0free (MIT) 39
45 2d, sounds, collisions, physics, free, map-editor, 1407634870Aug 9th 2014 More Details
Quintus 0free (MIT) 39
45 jquery-like, 2d, sounds, free, 1405343093Jul 14th 2014 More Details
WADE 0free (varies) 38
45 2d, isometric, modular, physics, 1379661859Sep 20th 2013 More Details
Crafty 0free (MIT) 35
45 free, 2d, sounds, collisions, 1366744500Apr 23rd 2013 More Details
LimeJS 0free (Apache) 35
40 2d, sounds, physics, free, 1401608171Jun 1st 2014 More Details
enchant.js 0free (MIT) 33
35 2d, sounds, collisions, physics, webgl, free, 1406012428Jul 22nd 2014 More Details
Isogenic Engine 0.1varies 30
40 2d, isometric, physics, path-finding, networking, 1393263288Feb 24th 2014 More Details
FrozenJS 0free (MIT) 29
45 2d, free, sounds, collisions, physics, 1379150294Sep 14th 2013 More Details
GC DevKit 0free (Mozilla) 28
40 2d, mobile-first, sounds, collisions, physics, debug, 1403733286Jun 25th 2014 More Details
voxel.js 0free (BSD) 26
40 webgl, 3d, voxel, sounds, physics, networking, 1394858835Mar 14th 2014 More Details